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We urge all customers to never leave a bird unattended with a new toy to ensure their safety.  Also inspect all your toys new and old regularly for wear and tear.   


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About Us

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With having quite a few birds we were constantly searching for toys to keep the birds entertained . After a while it seemed that we could not find anything new   and they had tried a lot of the available toys.   We started to  buy a few items to make some of our own toys.   We did a lot of research to find out what exactly were safe pieces to use for bird toys.  After a year of researching products from different venues we had a better knowledge of how to make a quality and safe toy.  After a few discussion we decided to start manufacturing toys on our own.   We use the highest quality of materials.  Superior cotton rope, untreated natural fibre ropes.  Our metal products are stainless steel and nickel.   Our colored wood and natural products are dyed with bird safe color only.  The adhesives that we use on our toys are made from natural ingredients.   Our toys are manufactured in a hepa filtered environment and are all individually packaged.  

About Us

We are Dale and Rob.  We got our first bird  Jenga a cockatiel 9 years ago.  His owner and mate both passes away within weeks of each other and he needed to be rehomed.  We took him in with the understanding that we would find a new home for him.   Two days later we both knew he was going nowhere, he was home.  Shortly after that we got a companion for him  another male cockatiel named Diego.  We found out Diego was a female when the eggs started coming.  One of the eggs hatched and we had Vallarta.  Since then we adopted a male bourke named Bashful and a female Rosey Bourke  named Blush.  Following that we rescued a very sick Eastern Rosella named Arcoiris.  It was a long haul to get him back to good health but he made it.  Unfortunately we lost him four years later.    Two years before his death we adopted two little budgies  Azule and Amarillo.  A month after we lost Arcoiris we lost Amarillo   she had a very serious ovarian issue that would have taken her from us in a very painful way and we could not put her through that.    a year after we got the budgies we rehomed a dusky headed Conure   named Percy.  Just recently we took in a couple of bonded birds  a Blue Quaker and a Pineapple Conure   Joe and Tonga.    We are now back to a flock of 9  and all are very happy birds.  

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